How Could the Integration of Land Use and Transport in Planning Practice Contribute Achieving Sustainable Urban Form - By a Case Study Analysis of Kings’ Cross and Olympic Legacy in London

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This dissertation seeks to analyse how the integrated land-use and transport planning could contribute archiving sustainable urban form. It has been evidenced that there is a close interrelationship existing between land use and transport. Moreover, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of planning practice for archiving a more sustainable future from an integrated perspective of land use and transport. London Kings’ Cross and Olympic Legacy have been selected as two studying cases, as London can be regarded as an excellent research platform with the well-developed planning system. In general, this study will analyse and explain the contribution of integrated land-use and transport planning for sustainable urban form in three levels. Firstly, the theoretical relationship between sustainable urban form and its influencing factors will be summarised. Then, the primary planning principles will be summed up through the analysis of integrated planning strategies. Finally, the effectiveness of planning practice will be assessed through the case-specific planning policies. The conclusion in various levels will improve the connection between theoretical research and planning practice for achieving sustainable urban form through integrated land-use and transport planning.
Sustainable urban form, Integrated land-use transport planning, London King’s Cross, London Olympic Legacy