Exploring IBA Basel – Assessing the impact of trinational cooperation and the resulting perspectives for the post IBA period

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The International Building Exhibition IBA Basel is a non-formal planning instrument to improve cross-border cooperation and planning processes between Switzerland, France and Germany. The aim of IBA is to overcome territorial barriers of trinational coexistence to enhance the quality of life in the region. As a catalyst of regional development, on-ground IBA projects seek to revitalize the spatial quality and improve the adoption by its users. Institutions, planers and civil society actors collaborate in the cross-border development and implementation over a period of 10 years. The outcome of the IBA process will be presented in an exhibition venue. Thus, scientific foundation, provided by an assessment that is based on a survey among involved actors, will substantiate the impact of initiated processes. The evaluation is supported by interviews and focus-groups that foster awareness for future challenges in the post IBA period. IBA may generate a remarkable leverage effect to regional development within the agglomeration, which is measurable on three interdependent levels of processes: activation and networking of actors, planning activities and projects and trinational quality of space and life. A scenario for comprehensive development beyond the year 2020, would be an ongoing process of intensified exchange and cooperation across the region.
International Building Exhibition IBA Basel, regional development, planning instrument, process evaluation