Collaborative International Workshops – A joint Brazilian-German Teaching Experience for Planning in Vulnerable Areas Collective Learning on Planning for Integration and Transition

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A joint teaching experience involving Brazilian and German students of Architecture, from Universidade Federal Fluminense (Niterói/Brazil) and Jade University of Applied Sciences (Oldenburg/Germany), promoted the development of urban planning proposals. Based on previous teaching experiences in planning for vulnerable urban areas in the participating faculties we developed a workshop series as a collaborative teaching project. In 2017 we worked in Niterói on a project for a centric favela and fishermen village at the Guanabara Bay. In 2018 we elaborated a project for a centric neighbourhood gathering (social) housing, enterprises, abandoned plots and harbour uses in Bremerhaven. In 2019 we will be back in Rio de Janeiro. The workshops were accompanied by local actors. Students learnt to understand social implications of planning in a new context, started a critical reflection of own experiences and developed a cooperative project that was dedicated to open the local discussion about the places further development. During the Workshops students acquired knowledge about local conditions of urban development such as in the case of Brazil the challenge to integrate informally grown neighbourhoods and the formal city or as in the case of Germany dealing with the consequences of economic and demographic changes like shrinking populations and drastic changes of uses. Parallel to the development of projects the students participated on lectures and excursions. The concepts aim to integrate the neighbourhoods into the city and to develop ideas for public spaces, community facilities, affordable housing, and local economy. These teaching experiences are challenges to integrate compact workshop formats and the manifold new experiences for the student into professional approaches within complex working fields. At the same time the experience of an immediate communication to planning agents and local communities create an intense learning process and a critical reflection on given for granted planning knowledge.
collaborative teaching, vulnerable urban areas, urban planning, socio-spatial integration