Application and Verification of Municipal Administrative Areas Spatial Zoning Model in New Town Location Selection

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As one of the three most important location-oriented policies in urban and regional development, the location selection of new towns largely determines the strategy of urban economic development and regional economic development. In the previous study, an objective model of municipal administrative areas spatial zoning model (MAA-SZ model) is constructed based on the theory of spatial equilibrium and mathematical logic deduction, which can provide guidance for the location of new towns. This paper takes a city in the south of Heilongjiang Province as an example to verify the value and superiority of the MAA spatial zoning model in the location selection of new towns. The results show that the consistency Kappa value of the model is 77.2% when the MAA-SZ model is compared with Glaeser-Gottlieb new town location selection model new towns that has been widely used, which verifies the accuracy of the model. In addition, the spatial differentiation and DEA effectiveness of the model are higher than the contrast model. The superiority of the MAASZ model over the contrast model mainly lies in two aspects. Firstly, the MAA-SZ model effectively reduce the influence of some factors that can not be assigned objectively while inheriting the economic relationship among the factors of the contrast model. The MAA-SZ model makes it easier to simulate and operate, and more practical. Secondly, it effectively reduce the contradiction between development, agriculture and ecology, which is often caused by the traditional site selection of new town basing on center-urban gravitation. The MAA-SZ model solve this problem by balancing the relationship among construction, agriculture and ecological land from the macro-perspective of the MAA. Therefore, the MAA-SZ model has the characteristics of high accuracy, high balance, high effective, high spatial differentiation, and high practicality. We believe the MAA-SZ model can also provide a reference for the development of urban system.
spatial zoning, municipal administrative area, new town