The Spatial Planning and Environment Department of Polytech Tours

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France, the design and planning of inhabited spaces is covered by four professional disciplines which match with four educational establishments: ––Urbanism, urban and regional planning in Schools of Engineering and University departments ––Civil engineering, urban engineering in Schools of Engineering –– Architecture, Landscape in Schools of Architecture and Landscape –– Economics and social studies in Faculties Embracing those four disciplines plus Environment Studies, the programme offered in the Planning and Environment Department at the Polytechnic School of the University of Tours (EPU-DAE) is unique in France. It is the sole Engineering degree in Territorial Planning accredited by the Engineering Title Committee (CTI), and has been reassessed recently and accredited by the CTI for the next 6 years (Sept 2014 - Sept 2020). The EPU-DAE is also a recognised by the French speaking association of Schools in Urban and Regional Planning (APERAU), and is actually one of the founding members of both APERAU and AESOP. The EPU-DAE programme aims to help students acquire technical and practical knowledge and competences for addressing contemporary planning challenges faced by cities and urban regions in the context of climate change and the need for designing and implementing workable models and approaches toward more sustainable urban and regional development dynamics.
Sustainability in heritage protected areas : Book of Proceedings of the 5th AESOP European Urban Summer School Tours, France, from 1st – 8th September 2014
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