Research on the Renewal Strategy of New and Old Intersection Communities in Metropolis Based on the Concept of Landscape Urbanism - Taking a Practice in Shanghai Tianlin Community as an Example

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With the development of the economy and the progress of society, people's demand for the quality of human habitat is increasingly urgent. However, the urban development strategy adopted by China's rapid urbanization process in the past few decades has brought problems such as high-rise buildings, dark corners, and lack of quality public spaces. Especially the new and old intersection communities have become the accumulation of problems in various periods. The Tianlin Community in Xuhui District, Shanghai is close to the inner ring road of the city, integrating a new community with high-rise buildings and a dilapidated old community. A large number of people and so rich elements such as iron orbits, hospitals, parks, slums, modern residential areas and so on, in stark contrast to the closed space, rare public activities and lack of vitality. Landscape urbanism uses landscape instead of architecture to become the basic medium in the new round of urban development. Practice has proved that landscape is the only model that has the ability to propose effective solutions to the rapid development of today's society and the problems of urban transformation from gradual adaptation and alternate evolution. This paper takes the landscape urbanism as the guiding ideology, regards the landscape as the most basic element determining the shape and experience of the city, In response to the problems of low spatial quality and lack of vitality caused by the isolation between functional zones and within functional zones in Shanghai Tianlin community, the community update strategy of connecting urban fabrics, integrating natural and engineering systems, creating synergy of shared spaces was proposed. Reorganizing the area through "landscape infrastructure", creating new urban Spaces that meet the needs of the people and finally re-establishing physical and social connections.
Landscape Urbanism, Community Renewal, Urban Design, Shanghai Tianlin Community, Vitality Creating