The Research on Formation Mechanism of the Rural Red Culture Tourism Industry Cluster and Application - Reflections from the Comparative Analysis of the “Revolutionary Resort” Xibaipo Town and “Green Dot” Dashi Town

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Red culture tourism has emerged as a new theme tour in China. Developing red culture tourism industry is a special way to activate economic and revitalize cultural for the villages in old revolutionary area. In fact, when red tourism intervenes in rural development, some villages can form red culture tourism industry cluster. In addition to the villages' own resources, social network condition and market demand, the policy regulation and planning guidance behind are also important. By taking “Revolutionary Resort” Xibaipo town as an example, whose red tourism have developed into a rather mature stage, we firstly studied the overall distribution of the red tourism industry cluster, and analyzed the formation mechanism. Then, we used Xibaipo town as a comparison case. With the help of the National "Green Dot" Rural Revitalization Competition platform, we analyzed the practical problems in the development of red tourism resources in the Guangan village, Dashi Town, Sichuan Province, and put forward the industrial cluster model of "Cultural Innovation" and "Scientific and Technological Innovation" to promote the benign development of rural agriculture, society and ecology. Hope to provide a new idea about the red resources’ development for the villages in the old revolutionary area in the future.
rural revitalization, red culture tourism industry cluster, formation mechanism, comparative analysis