Some examples of heritage conservation in India: “Intangible vocabulary ingrained in Indian urbanism” - case study of Chennai city

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Sustainability has never been contested as an exclusive domain on the Indian canvas as it has been an integral way of life through the chronology of urban evolution. Cultural settlements fostered by the community, legacy safeguarded by power dynamics and the accommodative assimilation of building contemporary identities have been the underlying context. Heritage conservation in the Indian context has its myriad pluralities that reverberate global outlook and echo the local fervour. From preservation of built environment through the legal framework to conservation practices by the community as historical traces and its vestiges present an interesting investigation. The temporality of such history bound spaces and places strikes discernible equilibrium with urban development either as a listed group of built spaces to be preserved or precincts to be conserved. The underlying chord of community adopted conservation adapted and modified sustainable strategies from traditional wisdom need showcasing. The restoration of the past does not pertain only to ‘museumising’ the historical legacy but to its extended lineage of reviving the passage of time tested sustainable practices and tradition that captures the true essence of heritage conservation and sustainable development.
Sustainability in heritage protected areas : Book of Proceedings of the 5th AESOP European Urban Summer School Tours, France, from 1st – 8th September 2014
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