CoRep ONLINE VOTING Expert Pool members and EUSS 2012 - Monday, 13 February 2012

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EUROPEAN URBAN SUMMER SCHOOL 2012 DECADE OF PLANNING 2011-2020 EVENT AESOP — ECTP-CEU — IFHP — ISOCARP In 2010, AESOP launched a new annual event: the European Urban Summer School (FUSS) for young professionals. AESOP wanted to bring together young professionals and experienced academics and practitioners from across Europe to discuss planning issues. AESOP expected that it would facilitate trans-European understanding of planning matters and, as a consequence, will help to improve the quality of life. These aims correspond with AESOP objectives, enumerated in AESOP Charter. The organisation wished to involve both EU and non-EU countries into the project, knowing that AESOP has no geographical limits of membership. AESOP has offered its teaching resources at European Urban Summer Schools. This idea was to facilitate trans-European exchange and to foster a debate on the most important planning topics. It was supposed to promote all involved actors as bodies being able to help politicians and other stakeholders in spatial development and management issues. This concept didn't involve economic profit. The European Urban Summer School should be a platform of debate and exchange and should be run on as low as possible fees for participants. Tutors do not get any gratification for their work. AESOP decided to invite European partners from planning organizations to cooperate in this project. In 2012, the following organisations have joined the EUSS: European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU), International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), International Society for City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). The event is one of the first projects within the framework of Decade of Planning 2011-2020. More about the Decade of Planning and the EUSS 2010 and 2011 can be found on the AESOP webpage. Call for hosting EUSS 2012 The call was published on the AESOP webpage according to the rules accepted by the Council of Representatives in 2010 in Istanbul and precised in 2011 in Tirana. The deadline for the application was 18'" December 2011. The AESOP Secretariat General has received one application. The school applying for hosting the event is a full AESOP Member: University of Westminster, London, UK The application meets the criteria defined in the call. Please find the attached application. The AESOP SG would appreciate your approval of the application. 1 Giovanni Caudo University Roma Tre, Urban Studies Department 2 Giorgio Piccinato University Roma Tre, Urban Studies Department 3 Enrico Gualini TU Berlin, Department of Urban and Regional Planning 4 Piotr Lorens Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning 5 Luigi Mazza Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Planning 6 Umberto Janin Rivolin Politecnico di Torino, DITER 7 Silvia Saccomani Politecnico di Torino, DITER 8 Agata Spaziante Politecnico di Torino, DITER 9 Andrew Thornley London School of Economics, Regional and Urban Planning Studies 10 Declan Redmond University College Dublin, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy 11 Catherine Ross Georgia Tech, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development 12 Bruce Stiftel Georgia Tech, School of City and Regional Planning 13 Dejan Djordjevic Institute for Spatial Planning, Faculty of Geography 14 Chris Couch University of Liverpool, Department of Civic Design 15 Jean-Michel ROUX Institut d'Urbanisme de Grenoble 17 Oana Luca Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Department Urban Engineering and Regional Development 18 Florian Gaman Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Department Urban Engineering and Regional Development 19 Andrew Flynn Cardiff Univeristy, School of City and Regional Planning 20 Andrea Frank Cardiff Univeristy, School of City and Regional Planning 21 Georgia Butina Watson Oxford Brooks, Planning Department 22 Alan Reeve Oxford Brooks, Planning Department 23 Rachelle Alterman Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning 24 Artur Rosa Pires University of Aveiro, Planning School 25 Barbara Pizzo La Sapienza University of Rome, School of Planning 26 Zaynep Enlil Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture 31 Laurence Carmichael (EURA) University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 32 Gabriel Pascariu (ISOCARP) University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", Urban and Territorial Planning Chair
EUSS, voting, planning, European Urban Summer School