Master in Regional Planning (Faculty of Architecture Istanbul Technical University)

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The MSc in Regional Planning delivered at Istanbul Technical University is distinctive in its focus on theoretical and methodological courses, interdisciplinarity and regional science. It brings together the following aspects of quality in planning education: - Programme Curriculum and Identity o An effective blend of compulsory and elective courses focused on contemporary research areas in regional planning and regional science. An excellent balance of theoretical, methodological and policy-based courses delivered by a highly-qualified teaching team in relation to the interdisciplinary character of the programme. o An exposure to multi-scale, socio-spatial challenges across the four main modules of the curriculum: economic–policy management, sectoral–spatial, environment and sustainability, and analysis methods. o Highlighting the relevance and implications of professional ethics and reflexive practice throughout the programme for planners performing at the regional scale and beyond. Principles of Pedagogy o Providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge whilst enabling them with opportunities to develop analytical, critical and interpretive thinking and skilss through methodological and studio-based courses. o Excellent level of student/alumni/employer's engagement in facilitating research-oriented and proactive curriculum appraisal and development through inter-institutional advisory boards, alumni feedback forums, and studio juries. o Encouragement of active, independent and peer-learning in theoretical and studio-based courses through research-based assignments and presentations. Active promotion of academic excellence through national and international dissemination of thesis projects.
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