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Architect and urbanist (Diploma of Architecture and Urbanism, EPF-L 1964). She was in charge of research on response to effective demand and studied for an innovative MSc on social sciences (Systems analysis, operations research, urban sociology, economic geography, environmental theory and design, ergonomics) at UCL Bartlett where she also worked on time-space relation research. Joined the Greater London Council research and development unit and worked on Greater London Development Plan (GLDP). Participate in the Forum of the first UN Habitat conference in Vancouver (1976) and won a post at the Economic Commission for Europe of United Nations (UNECE) responsible for East-West urban and regional research cooperation and in charge of the fifth Urban and Regional Research Conference in Paris in 1980 (1976-1980). In 2006, she was rapporteur for the 10 UNECE conference in Bratislava. Was rapporteur at the UN Forum of Professional Researchers at UN Habitat II in Istanbul (1996). Worked with the Swedish Building Research Council and K-Konsult in Stockholm she founded the project-based International Researchers Cooperation (IRC), a network of urban and regional researchers working across the then East-West Europe. Is cooperating in London and Madrid with the Fundacion Metropoli on books, articles and innovative urban development. She wrote numerous articles and book reviews for professional and peer reviewed journals in several languages. As past vice president, member of the editorial board, jury of the Gerd Albrecht Award and current head of the UK national delegation made many active contributions to Isocarp (International Society of City and Regional Planners) and edited a number of publications. Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists in the UK and member of the International Committee, Judith has spent part of her professional life as a journalist.
Quality of Space – Quality of Life : Planning for Urban Needs of diverse timeframes. 2nd AESOP European Urban Summer School 2011, Lisbon
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