Study on The Characteristics and Changes of Street Cultural Attributes in Mingcheng District of Xi'an

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As an important part of a city, streets are not only the arteries of transportation, but also the carriers of history and culture. The cultural attribute of streets highlights the connotation of cities to some extent. Exploring its characteristics and changing rules is an important way to study urban culture. This paper, taking Xi 'an Mingcheng district as the research object, through the historical data query and the current situation matching, based on the ArcGIS platform, the three types of cultural space and the four important periods of the street pattern are coupled and analyzed, obtaining the street culture property during the period of the overall features and classification, finally summed up the cultural attributes of Xi’an Ming city streets. The research shows that the number of streets with cultural attributes in Mingcheng district of xi 'an is gradually decreasing, and the fluctuation of cultural index is decreasing. In the research on different types of streets, religious streets maintain a steady state, educational streets continue to increase, and humanistic streets decrease significantly.
Xi 'an Mingcheng district, Streets, Cultural attributes, Change research