Book of abstracts : 35th AESOP Annual Congress Integrated planning in a world of turbulence, Łódź, Poland 11-15. 07. 2023

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The modern world is struggling with the growing civilization challenges related to the effects of climate change, the progressive degradation of the natural environment, migrations resulting from economic crises and political tensions, as well as shortening product life cycles, automation, and autonomy of management processes. It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict development processes, phenomena, and events, as evidenced by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. In the realm of contemporary challenges, the imperative for integrated planning becomes all the more pronounced, especially in the face of a world characterized by turbulence. The pertinence of existing planning methodologies, rooted in long-term strategic visions aimed at fostering stable societal development, prompts an inquiry into their efficacy and legitimacy. This scrutiny becomes particularly crucial when juxtaposed against the multifaceted planning challenges posed by the pervasive uncertainty of events, risks, and the interplay of anthropogenic and natural hazards. Therefore integrated planning emerges as a compelling alternative, addressing the spatial, sustainability, environmental, and values dimensions. Navigating the complexities of contemporary challenges requires a departure from conventional norms, urging a paradigm shift towards adaptive and innovative strategies that resonate with the uncertainties of our time. The Congress provided a room for a wide scope of discussion on planning and attracted an attention of the academic community from all over the world and, as a result of this interest, 769 papers were submitted to the Congress. Finally 593 papers have been accepted for an oral presentation within 17 Congress Tracks, 38 submissions for Poster session and 62 for on-line presentation. About 85% of these submissions were written by authors from AESOP-member schools. This Book of Abstracts presents contributions submitted at the AESOP 2023 Annual Congress in Lodz. Local Organizing Committee AESOP 2023 Annual Congress Lodz
technology, Industrial engineering and economy, physical planning
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)