City on water : Proceedings of the 6th AESOP European Urban Summer School 2015, Bremen

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The publication of the book documenting our London summer school was possible thanks to the integration of the Young Planning Professionals Award (YPPA) into the 3rd EUSS. The YPPA was an annual international competition for three years (2012-2014) funded by the Directorate responsible for spatial planning at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (mI&M). Its primary aim was to stimulate thinking and promote innovative ideas amongst young planning practitioners on how spatial planning in Europe can deal with important present-day challenges and transformations facing our human settle¬ments and surrounding areas. The underlying thinking was that it is largely the younger generation (< 35) of planning professionals who will have to come up with the answers, as it is they who will have the responsibility to plan and develop our cities and regions in the future. This is very much in line with the aims of the EUSS. Secondary aims were to bring young practitioners and academics in working contact with each other and to encourage a better cooperation between the international planning organisations and try and reduce the fragmentation of their efforts regarding young planning professionals. The integration of the YPPA into the EUSS was on all three accounts therefore very logical, and mI&M was ready to expand its sponsorship of YPPA into an integrated publication of the combined proceedings. The YPPA winners got free participation at the EUSS and presented their papers at a special YPPA session. This grant was a good opportu¬nity to develop closer collaboration between AESOP, IFHP and ISOCARP.
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