Territorial cohesion: towards 2020

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This paper tries to point out practical as well as conceptual open questions about the topic of Territorial Cohesion (TC). It focuses on practical problems met by the author in his daily work as town and regional planner, often carried out in EU convergence territories (ex. Ob. 1). It acknowledges the scientific statements developed by EU institutions in recent years as a frame of the picture representing the policies and instruments for Territorial Cooperation and Cohesion. In other words, the article is about “operational considerations” aiming at stimulating new attentions on how to make the debate on TC more practical than a thoughtfully considered essay providing a detailed storyline on the topic and its past and future transformations. ⁵⁷ These consideration address three critical points: 1) the difficulty of fully involving the local administrative levels in new and innovative opportunities for TC 2) a fluctuating “Europeanisation” in the realm of territorial cooperation (especially related to the urban dimension), 3) the uncertain perspectives on how to design effective and efficient future urban policies for 2014-2020, both at central and local level.
Quality of Space – Quality of Life : Planning for Urban Needs of diverse timeframes. 2nd AESOP European Urban Summer School 2011, Lisbon
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