Sustainable Protection of Chinese Human-Habitat Historical Environment from the Perspective of Transition: Cases Study of Traditional Villages and the Ancient City of Pingyao in Shanxi Province

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The title of human-habitat historical environment i s awarded to traditional human settlements under specific economic, political, cultural and technological conditions. Such environment has dual attributes of historical protection and community life, and its sustainable protection has an important impact on urban development and resident life. By analyzing the problems in the protection of Chinese human-habitat historical environment. Issues touch on the neglect of community life in protection action, the ignorance of the big environment background in protection perspective, the lack of regional considerations in development strategies, and the implementation force is dominated by the will of the government, as well as the deficiency of dynamic management mode. Then, through in-depth interpretation of UNESCO's proposals on environmental protection of historic cities, drawing on the experience of historical environmental protection in HUL pilot cities, and based on the concept of sustainable development, this paper puts forward the transformation paths of Chinese human-habitat historical environment. This paper focuses on the discussion of the two settlement types of traditional villages and the Ancient City of Pingyao(ACP) in Shanxi Province. The main paths include: protecting objects from focusing on the heritage protection to considering both heritage protection and community life; protecting perspectives from cultural relics protection to protection of urban environment floor; protecting forces from relying on government to multi-force participation of the whole society; and protecting management from static management system to sustainable dynamic planning management. By protecting, renovating and improving the livability of the human-habitat historical environment, the sustainable development of the urban historical environment is gradually realized. The paper is intended to provide experience for sustainable protection of the human-habitat historical environment in China.
transition, human-habitat historical environment, traditional villages in Shanxi Province, the Ancient City of Pingyao