Visualization Analysis of Future City Research Based on Citespace

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Han, Jing
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Humans' exploration of "future cities" has never stopped. The experimental history of the future city is a development history in which human beings gradually meet their own needs and dreams through technological tools. With the great development of science and technology in recent decades, the economic structure and social organization of cities are undergoing unprecedented reorganization and transformation. In addition, the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of confusion and suffering. Thinking and answering about the future direction of cities, and what adaptive changes will be adopted in urban planning, is the key challenge that current urban researchers, planners and even all sectors of society are facing. It is also a lasting proposition that needs to be continuously deepened and improved in the future. The international academic community has always attached great importance to the research and practice of future cities. Comprehensively examining the outcomes of existing scientific papers on future city and clarifying its development context and evolution trend are necessary prerequisites for constructing future city theory and helping urban decision makers to formulate future urban development paths.
future cities , visualization analysis , citespace , bibliometrics