Developing transformation strategies for Alpine industrial landscapes shown by the Styrian Iron Route in Austria

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The Alpine Space is one of the most important industrial regions in Europe. The transformation from manufacturing to service industry in the last decades and the decrease of traditional heavy and manufacturing industry are leaving impressive former productive landscapes of relevant size and complexity, so-called Alpine industrial landscapes behind. The potential value of these landscapes is linked closely to ecological, economical and social challenges in the development of these regions. No significant strategies or programmes for a transformation of industrial brownfields exist currently. The INTERREG project “trAILs " deals with the topic of industrial brownfields and aims to generate knowledge about Alpine industrial landscapes. It shows how future development paths for these sites can be developed and visualised and thus serve as a basis for discussion, decisionmaking and planning for the definition of concrete planning recommendations for municipalities. The overall objective of the project is to discuss and develop ways of raising awareness of the strategic development of brownfield sites, a topic that will continue to gain in importance in future. The following contribution focuses on the first project phase, in which a process for developing a transformation strategy was elaborated and tested in one of four pilot regions.
industrial brownfields, alpine industry, transformation strategies, sustainable transition