Quality of Space – Quality of Life Planning for Urban Needs of diverse timeframes

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The urban quality is a challenge and an actual issue for urbanists but also for researchers. One of urbanism aims is giving quality to the space and, with that or by it, the opportunity to people achieve quality of life. But work about quality is not a simple task because the sense of quality varies in time and space, by culture, by educational and economic backgrounds etc…. The advantage to could bring, in the same space, young professionals and researchers from different countries of Europe to debate the sense of urban quality meant we to take the challenge to coordinate the European Urban Summer Scholl of 2011. The preparation of EUSS’11 started late in time and the course only occur on last week of September, with all problems that it could bring because coincides with the beginning of master and PhD courses where young professionals were enrolled had begun. But beside a few inscriptions (about 20) we take the risk and organize the EUSS’11 with collaboration of two municipalities – Odivelas and Sintra – that provide us the “ground” and all needed information to work the discussed theories and give solutions to improve the space quality and with it the opportunity of life quality for users.