Statistics for AESOP Eprints

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Book of abstracts : Integrated planning in a world of turbulence 281
Book of proceedings : Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity : Fostering the European Dimension of Planning 46
Planning Practices and Theories from the Global South: Special Issue 40
Book of proceedings : Planning for Transition, Venice 2019 39
Watson - Planning from the South: Learning from academia, praxis and activism 34
Larry Susskind - Action-Reflection-Adaptation-Public Learning: Excerpts from the Life of a Pracademic 33
How to connect freight logistics, persons mobility, and spatial planning in and between urban regions? Perspectives from different European urban nodes on TEN-T corridors 24
Deleuze and Guattari - Jean Hiller in conversation with Gareth Abrahams 24
Faludi - Introducing a Theory of Planning 23
Reevaluating the analytical power of regime theory 20