2021 Adapting planning : Rethinking planning practices, online conference 12-14th July

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    Book of abstracts : Rethinking planning practices, online conference 12-14th July 2021
    (AESOP, 2021)
    The COVID19 pandemics influenced life of each of us, bringing multiple limitations and multiple challenges. Our AESOP community was one of the first associations directly affected by closed borders in Europe needed to cut the running meeting of Council of Representatives and to cancel the Heads of Departments meeting in Vienna in March 2020. But majority of our activities continued successfully as we were able to adapt them to new conditions, to enter much broadly virtual space offered by the information and communication technologies, to look for new modes, innovations and possibilities even bringing us ahead in the quality and accessibility of our activities. Thanks to our colleagues from the member schools, we were able to continue the work of the thematic groups, to organise in the online mode traditional AESOP Lecture Series event our PhD Summer School, and even to introduce new mode of our knowledge exchange – small format conference, innovative not only by its format, but by modes of exchange, flexibility and immediate reflection of new challenges. Thanks to the initiative of team from the Gdansk University of Technology we have got the book of abstracts in front of us. Not in our hands, but electronic form including a lot of interesting ideas in numerous contributions. The number of authors shows very positive respond to the idea to organise this complementary scientific event to the traditional AESOP and GPAEN congresses, covering the gap in the year in which, due the pandemics limitations, we cannot meet us in person. It shows the potential of our community to adapt to new circumstances and to use them for being better prepared for “new normal” after COVID 19 as well. And the adaptation is present in the main topic of this event too, creating the space for discussing the transformation of planning practices responding to contemporary social and economic challenges, influencing urban governance models including the adaptation and evolution of planning practices from different geographical perspectives, planning approaches, governance modes, scopes of planning interventions. Not only planning, education of planners and our schools need to reflect these challenges. The AESOP should follow the needs of its members, the adaptation and development processes. Being aware about new reality after returning to “new normal” our AESOP community made several important steps ahead to the transition. Based on initiative of the AEKOM, expanding over the frames of creating just on instrument in the form of open access platform towards the reviving our community, the AESOP starts to develop our shared vision of AESOP future inviting, motivating, and enabling members of our community to manage and share open access digital knowledge and to strengthen the AESOP community around a possible future. The Gdansk conference represents kick-off for broad discussion on new vision, values, and future of AESOP. With this, the Gdansk colleagues turned this conference from the small by its format to the big by its importance. Bratislava, July 12th 2021 Prof. Maros Finka AESOP President