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    CoRep Meeting Online, 31 March 2022
    (AESOP, 2022-03-31)
    AGENDA AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting 31 March 2022 Online 01 Opening of the meeting 02 Approval of the agenda 03 Approval of CoRep minutes and resolutions from July 2021 04 President’s Update 05 Conference Officer Update - Update from Kaiserslautern event - AESOP 2022 Congress - AESOP 2023 Congress - AESOP 2024 Congress applications 06 Secretary General Update - Website Update - AESOP Auditors - AESOP Lecture Series - AESOP Chair of Best Congress Paper - AESOP Memberships - AESOP Thematic Groups - Repository Manager - Core Curriculum review update - Transactions - Upcoming calls 07 AESOP Finance - Matters arising - Update on financial maters 08 YA 09 GPEAN 10 QR 11 AOB / Tentative meeting finish time This item contains the following files (zipped): 02-aesop-corep-agenda-march-2022-29-03-2022.docx 03-corep-minutes-july-2021-draft-21-03-2022.docx 03-corep-resolutions-july-2021-draft-21-03-2022.docx 04-president-s-report-28-03-2022.docx 04-president-s-report-aesop-vision-2030-28-03-2022.docx 05-a-application-aesop-2024-congress-ecole-d-urbanisme-paris-part-1-21-03-2022.pdf 05-a-application-aesop-2024-congress-ecole-d-urbanisme-paris-part-2-21-03-2022.pdf 05-b-application-aesop-2024-congress-sciences-po-21-03-2022.pdf 05-conference-officer-update-30-03-2022.pdf 05-report-from-kaiserslautern-event-24-03-2022.docx 06-a-i-and-ii-application-for-aesop-auditor-cover-letter-schreurs-and-hamdouch-21-03-2022.pdf 06-a-i-application-for-aesop-auditor-jan-schreurs-21-03-2022.pdf 06-a-ii-application-for-aesop-auditor-abdelliah-hamdouch-21-03-2022.pdf 06-a-iii-application-for-aesop-auditor-sina-shahab-21-03-2022.pdf 06-a-iii-application-for-aesop-auditor-sina-shahab-cover-letter-21-03-2022.pdf 06-c-application-for-chair-of-best-congress-paper-committee-zorica-nedovic-budic-21-03-2022.pdf 06-c-application-for-chair-of-best-congress-paper-committee-zorica-nedovic-budic-cover-letter-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-i-application-for-aesop-full-membership-ted-university-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-i-application-for-aesop-full-membership-ted-university-review-by-amanda-terpo-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-i-application-for-aesop-full-membership-ted-university-review-by-zeynep-enlil-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-ii-application-for-aesop-full-membership-leibniz-university-of-hannover-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-ii-application-for-aesop-full-membership-leibniz-university-of-hannover-review-by-karina-pallagst-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-ii-application-for-aesop-full-membership-leibniz-university-of-hannover-review-by-thorsten-weichmann-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-iii-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-department-of-architecture-university-of-bologna-partone-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-iii-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-department-of-architecture-university-of-bologna-parttwo-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-iii-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-department-of-architecture-university-of-bologna-review-by-carolina-pacchi-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-iii-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-department-of-architecture-university-of-bologna-review-by-valeria-lingua-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-iv-application-for-aesop-full-membership-oslo-metropolitan-university-21-03-2022.pdf 06-d-iv-application-for-aesop-full-membership-oslo-metropolitan-university-review-by-sebastian-peters-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-iv-application-for-aesop-full-membership-oslo-metropolitan-university-review-by-toril-ringholm-21-03-2022.docx 06-d-v-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-taltech-tallinn-part-one-24-03-2022.pdf 06-d-v-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-taltech-tallinn-part-two-24-03-2022.docx 06-d-v-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-taltech-tallinn-review-by-katarzyna-lesniewska-napierala-24-03-2022.pdf Page 06-d-vii-application-for-aesop-associate-membership-taltech-academy-tallinn-review-by-marketta-kytta-29-03-2022.pdf 06-e-i-aesop-thematic-group-application-planning-theories-and-practices-for-the-global-south-21-03-2022.pdf 06-f-core-curriculum-update-working-group-update-march-2022-28-03-2022.docx 06-files-repository-manager-ljiljana-radisavljevic-cv-29-03-2022.pdf 06-g-transactions-update-30-03-2022.docx 06-h-aesop-charter-impact-advocaten-aesop-lawyers-revisions-29-03-2022.docx 06-secretary-general-s-report-corep-march-2022-29-03-2022.docx 06-secretary-general-s-report-corep-march-2022-30-03-2022.docx 07-a-aesop-finances-treasurer-report-2021-28-03-2022.pdf 07-b-aesop-assets-2021-post-exco-30-03-2022.pdf 07-c-aesop-budget-2021-and-provisional-budget-2022-post-exco-30-03-2022.pdf 08-ya-report-24-03-2022.docx 09-gpean-update-corep-29-03-2022.pdf 10-quality-recognition-qr-report-29-03-2022.docx aekom-final-report-draft-for-repository-29-03-2022.pdf aekom-final-report-draft-for-repository-attach-01-31-03-2022.pdf aekom-final-report-draft-for-repository-attach-02-31-03-2022.pdf aekom-final-report-draft-for-repository-attach-03-31-03-2022.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting Online, 9 July 2021
    (AESOP, 2021-07-09)
    Representatives Meeting Online Meeting 09:00 CET 9 July 2021 AGENDA 09:00 01 Opening of the meeting 09:05 02 Approval of the agenda 09:10 03 Approval of the CoRep Minutes & Resolutions (March 2021) 09:15 04 President Update 09:30 05 AESOP Logo 10:00 06 Conference Officer’s report - AESOP 2021 PhD Workshop review - AESOP 2021 Online Conference - AESOP 2022 Congress Updates and contract - AESOP HoS 2022 host (applicants to attend) 11:00 07 Secretary General Updates - AESOP applications; AESOP Treasurer (applicant to attend), AESOP TG proposal - AESOP 2021 Excellence in Teaching award (AF) andBest Published Paper - Transition Services Provider update - Memberships - AESOP Partnerships - AESOP Registration - Core Curriculum Update - Transactions Update - Upcoming calls 11:45 08 AEKOM - proposal for Repository Manager role AEKOM 12:00 09 AESOP Finance - Membership; strategy for improvement of fee payment discipline 12:15 10 AESOP Quality Recognition Update 12:25 11 GPEAN Update 12:35 12 AESOP Young Academics Network Update 12:45 13 AOB (expected end of the meeting 13:00) This item contatins the following items (Zipped): 03-corep-minutes-march-2021-draft-28-06-2021.pdf 03-corep-resolutions-march-2021-draft-28-06-2021.pdf 04-president-s-report-05-07-2021.docx 05-aesop-logo-proposal-30-06-2021.pdf 06-aesop-2022-head-of-schools-host-application-tu-kaiserslautern-28-06-2021.pdf 06-aesop-2022-head-of-schools-host-application-university-for-business-and-technology-28-06-2021.pdf 06-aesop-2022-head-of-schools-host-application-university-polis-28-06-2021.pdf 07-applications-aesop-individual-member-enzo-falco-28-06-2021.pdf 07-applications-aesop-individual-member-hamideh-khodapanah-08-07-2021.pdf 07-applications-aesop-individual-member-maxwell-okrah-06-07-2021.docx 07-applications-aesop-tg-planning-theories-28-06-2021.pdf 07-applications-aesop-treasurer-camilla-perrone-28-06-2021.pdf 07-applications-aesop-treasurer-camilla-perrone-statement-of-motivation-28-06-2021.pdf 07-secretary-general-corep-report-08-07-2021.docx 08-aekom-ppt-08-07-2021.pdf 08-aekom-proposal-scenario-workshop-04-07-2021.pdf 08-aekom-report-09-07-2021.pdf 08-aekom-repository-manager-annex-04-07-2021.doc 08-aekom-repository-manager-proposal-04-07-2021.doc 09-aesop-budget-2021-update-08-07-2021.pdf 10-gpean-report-02-07-2021.pdf 10-quality-recognition-qr-report-08-07-2021.pdf 12-ya-activity-report-30-06-2021.pdf 12-ya-budget-report-30-06-2021.xlsx blackboard-collaborate-features-overview-28-06-2021.docx blackboard-collaborate-user-guide-28-06-2021.docx corep-agenda-9-july-2021-22-06-2021.pdf joining-the-meeting-28-06-2021.docx Read me.rtf
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    CoRep Meeting Online 7 July 2020
    (AESOP, 2020-07-07)
    AGENDA AESOP Council of Representatives Online meeting due to COVID-19 crisis 7 July 2020, 14:00 CEST 01 Opening of the meeting and welcome of the new CoRep members Approval of the agenda Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Vienna (12 March 2020) Congress and PhD Workshop • World Congress 2021 (update) • PhD Workshop 2021 (voting) • possible ersatz congress 2021 (voting) • AESOP congress and PhD workshop 2022 (voting) Alex Paulo applicants Chair of the AESOP Excellence in Teaching Award Committee (2020–2025) (voting) Report of the AESOP Secretary General • membership applications o individual (update) o institutional (voting) • AESOP website (update) • AESOP registration and trademark (update) • AESOP memories (update) • AESOP awards (update) Short Reports / Proposals AOB This item contains the following files: 02-corep-2020-agenda-july-30-06-2020.pdf 1 03-draft-corep-minutes-vienna-march-2020-30-06-2020.pdf 03-draft-corep-resolutions-vienna-march-2020-30-06-2020.pdf 03-draft-exco-resolutions-emergency-meeting-online-april-2020-30-06-2020.pdf 03-draft-exco-resolutions-vienna-march-2020-30-06-2020.pdf 04-aesop-congress-2022-host-application-estonian-university-of-life-sciences-30-06-2020.pdf 04-aesop-congress-2022-host-application-estonian-university-of-life-sciences-aesop-appendice-curricula-and-publications-30-06-2020.pdf 04-aesop-congress-2022-host-application-estonian-university-of-life-sciences-aesop-support-letters-30-06-2020.pdf 04-phd-workshop-2021-host-application-slovak-university-of-technology-in-bratislava-stu-30-06-2020.pdf 05a-chair-of-eta-application-andrea-frank-cv-30-06-2020.pdf 05a-chair-of-eta-application-andrea-frank-supporting-letter-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-associate-membership-application-school-of-life-and-medical-sciences-university-of-hertfordshire-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-full-membership-application-faculty-of-architecture-university-of-ljubljana-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-nordic-planning-tg-proposal-05-07-2020.pdf 05b-review-of-associate-membership-application-school-of-life-and-medical-sciences-university-of-hertfordshire-by-laura-verdelli-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-review-of-associate-membership-application-school-of-life-and-medical-sciences-university-of-hertfordshire-by-richard-nunes-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-review-of-full-membership-application-faculty-of-architecture-university-of-ljubljana-by-lucia-nucci-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-review-of-full-membership-application-faculty-of-architecture-university-of-ljubljana-by-marija-maruna-30-06-2020.pdf 05b-secretary-general-report-corep-july-2020-05-07-2020.pdf 06-aekom-report-01-07-2020.pdf 06-aesop-young-academics-network-activity-report-30-06-2020.pdf 06-aesop-young-academics-network-booklet-project-funding-proposal-30-06-2020.pdf 06-aesop-young-academics-network-planext-funding-proposal-30-06-2020.pdf 06-qr-report-06-07-2020.pdf 06-transactions-of-aesop-volume-4-1-june-2020-06-07-2020.pdf 06-transactions-report-06-07-2020.pdf aesop-budget-2020-05-07-2020.pdf blackboard-features-guide-30-06-2020.pdf blackboard-joining-guide-30-06-2020.pdf gpean-report-02-07-2020.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting, Venice, 9 July 2019
    (AESOP, 2019-07-09)
    AGENDA AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting Università Iuav di Venezia 09th July 2019 F = Files in the Repository 9:30 1. Approval of the Agenda (BD) F 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Ljubljana (PP) F 3. Election of the AESOP President (2020-2022) (BD, PP) F a. Maros Finka 4. Progress report on the 2020 Bristol Congress (ZNB) F 5. Short Report on Lisbon World Planning Schools Congress 2021 6. Election of the host of the 2020 HoS Meeting (BD, PP) F a. TU Vienna 7. Ratification of AESOP membership (PP) F a. Graduate Program in Urban Planning (Uninove University), as Corresponding Member b. School of Planning, Design and Construction (Michigan State University), as Corresponding Member c. School for the Environment (University of Massachusetts at Boston), as Corresponding Member d. School of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning (National Technical University of Athens), as Full Member e. Institute of Architecture and Planning (University of Liechtenstein), as Full Member 8. Information on AESOP individual membership (PP) F 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break 9. Financial Matters (BB) F a. Financial Statement b. Annual Budget c. Project proposals 10. Quality Recognition Report (DG) F 11. GPEAN & UN Habitat Update Report (EBS) F 12. Transactions of AESOP Report (EBS) F 13. YA Network Report (AM) F 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 14. AESOP Lecture Series Report (PP) F 15. AEKOM Report (CP) F 16. Website relaunch (BD) 17. AESOP International (BD) F 18. General Assembly Agenda (BD) F 19. AOB This item contains the following files (zipped): 01-aekom-extended-executive-summary-feasibility-study-07-07-2019.docx 02-aekom-new-timing-07-07-2019.docx 03-aekom-newbudget-01-07-19-final-07-07-2019.xlsx 04-aekom-overall-strategy-07-07-2019.docx 05-aekom-answer-to-corep-remarks-07-07-2019.docx agenda-aesop-general-assembly-12-july-2019-08-07-2019.pdf agenda-corep-meeting-in-venice-09-july-2019-01-07-2019.pdf appeal-to-the-europe-of-enlightenment-07-07-2019.pdf application-for-aesop-president-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-graduate-program-in-urban-planning-uninove-university-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-school-for-the-environment-university-of-massachusetts-boston-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-school-of-planning-design-and-construction-michigan-state-university-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-full-membership-institute-of-architecture-and-planning-university-of-liechtenstein-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-full-membership-school-of-architecture-department-of-urban-and-regional-planning-ntua-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-hos-meeting-2020-04-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-chakravarty-surajit-05-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-cheng-chingwen-05-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-haroun-moustafa-05-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-kumar-parveen-05-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-lucia-maria-capanema-alvares-05-07-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-rising-hope-hui-05-07-2019.pdf continuation-of-booklet-funding-09-07-2019.docx gpean-report-05-07-2019.pdf minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-in-ljubljana-28-march-2019-01-07-2019.pdf quality-recognition-report-09-07-2019.pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-in-ljubljana-28-march-2019-01-07-2019.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-institute-of-architecture-and-planning-university-of-liechtenstein-04-07-2019.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-school-of-architecture-department-of-urban-and-regional-planning-ntua-04-07-2019.pdf transactions-issue-3-06-07-2019.pdf transactions-journal-report-06-07-2019.pdf ya-conference-support-09-07-2019.docx
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    CoRep Meeting Ljubljana 28 March 2019
    (AESOP, 2019-03-28)
    AGENDA AESOP Council Representatives Meeting Faculty of Civic and Geodetic Engineering, Ljubljana 28th March 2019 F = Files in the Repository 9:30 1. Approval of the Agenda (BD, PP) F 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes & Resolutions from Gothenburg (BD, PP) F 3. Progress report on the 2019 Venice Congress (ZNB, FM, LF) 4. Progress report on the 2020 Bristol (AK) 5. Ratification of AESOP membership (PP) F 6. Financial Matters (BB) F a. 2018 Financial Statement b. 2018 Auditors Report c. 2019 Budget 7. Selection of the 2019 AESOP Lecture Series hosts (PP) F 8. Election of the GPEAN Representative (PP) F 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break 9. Approval of a new Thematic Groups (PP) F 10. Quality Recognition Report (DG) F 11. GPEAN & UN Habitat Update Report (EBS) F 12. Transactions of AESOP Report (EBS) F 13. YA Network Report (DB) F 14. AESOP - ACSP Collaboration and MoU (BD) F 15. AEKOM Report (CP) F 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break 16. »AESOP International« (BD) F 17. AESOP Assets Management (BD) 18. AOB This item contains the following files (zipped): aekom-feasibility-study-23-03-2019.pdf aekom-fs-annexes-23-03-2019.pdf aesop-2019-hos-meeting-programme-21-03-2019.pdf aesop-assets-2018-24-03-2019.pdf aesop-budget-2019-24-03-2019.pdf aesop-financial-audit-2018-27-03-2019.pdf aesop-international-22-03-2019.pdf aesop-treasurers-report-2018-24-03-2019.pdf agenda-corep-meeting-in-ljublana-28-march-2019-21-03-2019.pdf application-for-aesop-lecture-series-ics-ulisboa-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-aesop-lecture-series-sciencespo-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-aesop-lecture-series-tu-berlin-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-aesop-lecture-series-wageningen-university-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-affiliate-membership-wsl-landscape-centre-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-full-membership-faculty-of-architecture-rwth-aachen-university-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-full-membership-national-technical-university-of-athens-school-of-architecture-department-of-urban-and-regional-planning-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-gpean-representative-alejandro-mazarro-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-gpean-representative-jamie-scott-baxter-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-gpean-representative-mennatullah-hendawy-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-gpean-representative-paulo-silva-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-gpean-representative-rozana-darwich-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-alain-letourneau-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-albert-steiner-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-erza-razin-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-jeffrey-chan-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-jeroen-de-vries-22-03-2019.pdf application-for-individual-membership-lucas-mora-22-03-2019.pdf due-membership-fees-2018-24-03-2019.pdf gpean-report-21-03-2019.docx minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-in-gothenburg-10-july-2018-22-03-2019.pdf proposal-for-a-new-thematic-group-china-s-urban-transformation-28-03-2019.pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-in-gothenburg-10-july-2018-22-03-2019.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-faculty-of-architecture-rwth-aachen-university-22-03-2019.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-faculty-of-architecture-rwth-aachen-university-22-03-2019 (1).pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-national-technical-university-of-athens-school-of-architecture-department-of-urban-and-regional-planning-22-03-2019.pdf transactions-journal-progress-report-21-03-2019.docx ya-activity-report-march-2019-25-03-2019.docx ya-booklet-series-funding-proposal-28-03-2019.docx ya-memzine-funding-report-and-proposal-28-03-2019.docx
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    CoRep Meeting Gothenburg 10 July 2018
    (AESOP, 2018-07-10)
    AGENDA AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting Chalmers University of Technology 10th July 2018 9:30 1. Approval of the Agenda (AG, PP) F 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Newcastle (AG, PP) F 3. Progress report on the 2019 Venice Congress (ZNB) F 4. Election of the host of the 2019 HoS Meeting (PP) F a. University of Ljubljana 5. Election of AESOP Secretary General (PP) F 6. Ratification of AESOP membership (PP) F a. Department of Architecture (University of Coimbra) as Associate Member b. Department of Safety, Economics, and Planning (University of Stavanger) as Full Member c. Urban Studies (University of Washington Tacoma) as Corresponding Member d.Mohamed Alaa Mandour, Individual Member 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break 7. Financial Matters (BB) F 8. Quality Recognition Report (DG) F 9. GPEAN & UN Habitat Update Report (EBS) F 10. Transactions of AESOP Report (EBS) F 11. YA Network Report (ADK) F 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 12. AESOP Lecture Series (PP) 13. AESOP Awards (PP) 14. AESOP-ACSP Collaboration (ZNB, BD) 15. AEKOM (AESOP KnOwledge Management and Sharing platform) 16. AOB This item contains the following files: agenda-for-the-corep-meeting-10th-july-gothenburg-29-06-2018.pdf application-for-associate-membership-university-of-coimbra-department-of-architecture-03-07-2018.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-university-of-washington-tacoma-urban-studies-03-07-2018.pdf application-for-full-membership-university-of-stavanger-department-of-safety-economics-and-planning-03-07-2018.pdf application-for-hosting-the-2019-hos-meeting-29-06-2018.pdf application-for-individual-membership-mandour-mohamed-alaa-03-07-2018.pdf application-for-secretary-general-29-06-2018.pdf gpean-report-04-07-2018.pdf minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-in-newcastle-19th-april-2018-29-06-2018.pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-in-newcastle-19th-april-2018-29-06-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-associate-membership-university-of-coimbra-department-of-architecture-03-07-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-associate-membership-university-of-coimbra-department-of-architecture-03-07-2018 (1).pdf review-of-application-for-or-full-membership-university-of-stavanger-department-of-safety-economics-andplanning-04-07-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-or-full-membership-university-of-stavanger-department-of-safety-economics-andplanning-08-07-2018.pdf transactions-call-for-papers-04-07-2018.pdf transactions-editorial-of-issue-2-04-07-2018.pdf transactions-progress-report-04-07-2018.pdf ya-corep-activity-financial-report-08-07-2018.docx
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    CoRep Meeting Newcastle 19 April 2018
    (AESOP, 2018-04-19)
    AGENDA 9:30 Welcome address (AG) 1. GURU Presentation (Simin Davoudi) 2. Approval of the Agenda and of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Lisbon (AG, PP) F 3. Report on the Congress 2018 Gothenburg (LOC) 4. Progress report on the 2019 Venice Congress (ZNB) 5. Election of Chair Best Published Paper Award Committee F 6. Ratification of AESOP Auditors (PP) 7. Ratification of new Thematic Groups F 8. AESOP Open Calls a. AESOP Secretary General b. National Representatives c. Heads of Schools Meeting Hosting d. Excellence in Teaching Award 11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break 9. Ratification of AESOP membership (PP) F a. Faculty of Environmental Sciences (Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague) as Associate Member b. Faculty of Architecture (University of Belgrade) as Full Member c. Ivan Tosics, Individual Member d. Krishna Venkata Yagnamurthy, Individual Member e. Clémence Montagne, Individual Member f. Basil Agoha, Individual Member 10. Financial Matters (BB) F 11. AESOP-ACSP Collaboration (ZNB, BD) F 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 12. Quality Recognition Report (DG) F 13. GPEAN & UN Habitat Update Report (EBS) F 14. Transactions of AESOP Report (EBS) F 15. YA Network Report (ADK) F 16. YAN Projects Applications (PP, ADK) F 17. AEKOM (AESOP KnOwledge Management and Sharing platform) Project proposal (PP, AG, BD) F 18. AOB This item contains the following files: 2018-phd-workshop-report-19-04-2018.pdf acsp-aesop-young-researcher-exchange-project-proposal-18-04-2018.docx aekom-aesop-knowledge-management-and-sharing-platform-project-proposal-10-04-2018.pdf aesop-assets-2017-19-04-2018.pdf aesop-budget-2018-19-04-2018.pdf aesop-financialaudit-2017-12-03-2019.pdf aesop-project-budget-2018-19-04-2018.pdf aesop-treasurersreport-2017-19-04-2018.pdf agenda-corep-meeting-19th-april-newcastle-10-04-2018.pdf ion-10-04-2018.pdf application-for-a-new-aesop-thematic-group-urban-futures-10-04-2018.pdf application-for-associate-membership-czech-university-of-life-sciences-in-prague-faculty-of-environmentalsciences-16-04-2018.pdf application-for-chair-of-the-bpp-award-committe-10-04-2018.pdf application-for-chair-of-the-bpp-award-committee-10-04-2018.pdf application-for-full-membership-university-of-belgrade-faculty-of-architecture-16-04-2018.pdf application-for-individual-membership-basil-agoha-16-04-2018.pdf application-for-individual-membership-clemence-montagne-16-04-2018.pdf application-for-individual-membership-ivan-tosics-16-04-2018.pdf application-for-individual-membership-krishna-venkata-yagnamurthy-16-04-2018.pdf congress-2018-gothenburg-report-19-04-2018.pdf gpean-report-11-04-2018.pdf memzine-young-academics-membership-magazine-project-proposal-10-04-2018.pdf minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-in-lisbon-10th-july-2017-10-04-2018.pdf Read me.rtf recommended-aesop-auditors-2018-2021-16-04-2018.pdf recommended-aesop-auditors-2018-2021-16-04-2018 (1).pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-in-lisbon-10th-july-2017-10-04-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-associate-membership-czech-university-of-life-sciences-in-prague-faculty-of-environmental-sciences-16-04-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-associate-membership-czech-university-of-life-sciences-in-prague-faculty-of-environmental-sciences-18-04-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-university-of-belgrade-faculty-of-architecture-16-04-2018.pdf review-of-application-for-full-membership-university-of-belgrade-faculty-of-architecture-16-04-2018 (1).pdf transactions-journal-progress-report-11-04-2018.pdf travel-useful-information-newcastle-23-02-2018.docx young-academics-activity-report-16-04-2018.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting Lisbon 10 July 2017
    (AESOP, 2017-07-10)
    AGENDA 9:30 Welcome address (AG) 1. Approval of the Agenda (AG, PP) F 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Warsaw (AG, PP) F 3. Election of the host for the AESOP Heads of School Meeting 2018: a. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University F 4. Election of AESOP President F 5. Election of AESOP Treasurer F 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break 6. Ratification of AESOP new members (PP) F a. Department of Urban Planning and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, as Corresponding Member; b. Department of Architecture, Notre Dame University, Louaize, Lebanon, as Corresponding Member; c. School of Architecture, Southeast University, China, as Corresponding Member; d. Institute of Geography, Geoeconomics and Sustainable Development, Corvinus University of Budapest, as Full Member; e. Gregory Borne as Individual Member; 7. Financial Matters (ThM) F 8. Approval of the AESOP Charter (PP) F 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 14:00 9. Information on the New Congress Manual (ZNB) F 10. Joint Congresses AESOP-ACSP (PP) F 11. GPEAN & UN Habitat Update Report (EBS) F 12. AESOP Transactions project (EBS) F 13. YA Network (ADK) a. Introduction of the new YA Coordination Team b. Activity Report F 14. AESOP Platform for Publications F 15. AESOP Lecture Series & EUSS 16. Best Congress Paper Award 17. Best Published Paper Award 18. Excellence in Teaching Award 19. AOB This item contains the following files: aesop-acsp-joint-conference-memo-05-07-2017.pdf aesop-amended-charter-05-07-2017.docx aesop-quality-recognition-standard-phase-kit-27-10-2017.pdf agenda-of-the-corep-meeting-10th-july-lisbon-06-07-2017.pdf application-for-aesop-president-05-07-2017.pdf application-for-aesop-treasurer-05-07-2017.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-department-of-architecture-notre-dame-university-louaize-pdf-08-07-2017.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-department-of-urban-planning-and-policy-university-of-illinois-at-chicago-pdf-08-07-2017.pdf application-for-corresponding-membership-school-of-architecture-southeast-university-pdf-08-07-2017.pdf application-for-full-membership-institute-of-geography-geoeconomics-and-sustainable-development-corvinus-university-of-budapeste-pdf-08-07-2017.pdf application-for-hosting-aesop-hos-meeting-2018-05-07-2017.pdf application-for-individual-membership-gregory-borne-08-07-2017.pdf application-for-individual-membership-gregory-borne-08-07-2017 (1).pdf gpean-update-03-07-2017.pdf minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-31st-march-2017-warsaw-14-06-2017.pdf open-journal-system-platform-options-03-07-2017.pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-31st-march-2017-warsaw-14-06-2017.pdf review-of-application-full-membership-corvinus-university-of-budapest-08-07-2017.pdf transactions-progress-report-04-07-2017.pdf transactions-volume-1-issue-1-05-07-2017.pdf young-academics-activity-and-financial-report-06-07-2017.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting Rio de Janeiro 3 July 2016
    (AESOP, 2016-07-03)
    AGENDA Welcome address (FLP) 1. Approval of the Agenda (FLP, PP) F 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Thessaloniki (FLP, PP) F 3. Progress report on the Congress 2017 Lisbon (GS, PP) 4. Progress report on the PhD Workshop 2017 Aveiro (GS, PP) 5. Ratification of AESOP Heads of School Meeting 2017 host: a. École d'Urbanisme de Paris b. Department of Urbanism of Delft University of Technology c. Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw University of Technology d. Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at University of Business and Technology, Kosovo 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break 6. Ratification of AESOP new members (PP) F a. Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (University of Copenhagen) as Associate Member b. Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg) as Full Member c. Pasquale Pizzimenti, Individual Member d. Dr. Yong Adilah Binti Shamsul Harumain, Individual Member 7. GPEAN Report (EBS) F 8. AESOP Transactions project (EBS) F 9. UN Habitat Update (EBS) 10. YA Network (KVB) F a. Introduction of the new YA Coordination Team b. Activity Report 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 11. AESOP Projects website section presentation (ThM, PP) F 12. Quality Recognition of Planning Programmes (FLP, PP) a. Excellence in Education Board b. Presentation of the QRP website section 13. Progress Report on InPlanning status (PP) 14. AESOP Lecture Series 15. European Urban Summer School 16. Best Published Paper Prize (PP) F 17. Excellence in Teaching Award (PP) F 18. AOB This item contains the following files: agenda-of-the-corep-meeting-03-july-in-rio-de-janeiro-28-06-2016.pdf application-for-associate-member-department-of-geosciences-and-natural-resource-management-university-of-copenhagen-27-06-2016.pdf application-for-full-member-faculty-of-architecture-civil-engineering-and-urban-planning-brandenburg-university-of-technology-cottbus-senftenberg-27-06-2016.pdf application-for-hosting-2017-heads-of-schools-france-ecole-d-urbanisme-de-paris-27-06-2016.pdf application-for-hosting-2017-heads-of-schools-kosovo-faculty-of-architecture-and-spatial-planning-at-university-of-business-and-technology- application-for-hosting-2017-heads-of-schools-netherlands-department-of-urbanism-of-the-faculty-of-architecture-and-the-built-environment-of-delft-university-of-technology-2.. application-for-hosting-2017-heads-of-schools-poland-warsaw-university-of-technology-27-06-2016.pdf application-for-individual-member-adilah-harumain-27-06-2016.pdf application-for-individual-member-pasquale-pizzimenti-27-06-2016.pdf excellence-in-education-board-nominations-29-06-2016.pdf gpean-report-july-2016-27-06-2016.pdf minutes-of-the-corep-meeting-10-march-2016-in-thessaloniki-16-06-2016.pdf report-on-euss-lecture-series-29-06-2016.pdf resolutions-of-the-corep-meeting-10-march-2016-in-thessaloniki-16-06-2016.pdf review-for-associate-membership-department-of-geosciences-and-natural-resource-management-university-of-copenhagen-27-06-2016.pdf review-for-full-member-faculty-of-architecture-civil-engineering-and-urban-planning-brandenburg-university-of-technology-cottbus-senftenberg-29-06-2016.pdf transactions-of-aesop-journal-progress-report-27-06-2016.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting Thessaloniki, 10 March 2016
    (AESOP, 2016-03-10)
    AGENDA Welcome address (FLP) 1. President’s Statement (FLP) 2. Approval of the CoRep Meeting Minutes and Resolutions from Prague (FLP, PP) F 3. Report on the WPSC in Rio, 2016 (GS, EBS, PP) 4. Report on the PhD Workshop in Leuven (GS) 5. Ratification of AESOP new members (PP) F a. Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Associate Member b. TUM Department of Architecture, University of Technology Munich, Associate Member c. Public and Private Policy Department, ESSEC Business School, Associate Member d. William Glover, Individual Member 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break 6. Financial matters (ThM) F 7. Suspension of members (ThM, PP) F 8. Regulation of AESOP Projects (ThM, PP) F 9. National Representatives Elections (FLP, PP) F 10. Election of AESOP Event Officer 2016-2020 (PP) F 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break 14:00 11. Quality Recognition of Planning Programmes (FLP, AG, PP) F a. Certificates 12. AESOP Publications (PP) F b. Cooperation with Routledge 13. GPEAN Report (EBS) F 14. AESOP Transactions project (EBS) F 15. Progress report on the InPlanning project (FLP, PP) F 16:00 – 16:15 Coffee Break 16. YA Network Report (NC) F 17. Best Published Paper Prize: New Committee Members F 18. Projects Submissions for Financial Support 19. AOBaesop-assets-2015-27-02-2016.pdf This item contains the following documents: aesop-budget-2016-27-02-2016.pdf aesop-financial-audit-2015-27-02-2016.pdf aesop-financial-statement-2015-27-02-2016.pdf aesop-s-inplanning-07-03-2016.pdf aesop-treasurer-s-report-2015-27-02-2016.pdf agenda-of-the-corep-meeting-10th-march-2016-thessaloniki-29-02-2016.pdf application-for-events-officer-zorica-nedovic-budic-02-03-2016.pdf application-for-events-officer-zorica-nedovic-budic-02-03-2016 (1).pdf draft-minutes-corep-meeting-15th-july-2015-prague-29-02-2016.doc draft-resolutions-corep-meeting-15th-july-2015-prague-29-02-2016.doc gpean-report-march-2016-01-03-2016.pdf inpanning-2016-presentation-07-03-2016.ppt moa-aesop-routledge-09-03-2016.doc quality-recognition-certificates-report-03-03-2016.pdf regulation-of-aesop-projects-10-03-2016.doc transactions-of-aesop-journal-budget-proposal-01-03-2016.pdf transactions-of-aesop-journal-progress-report-01-03-2016.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting , Madrid, 12 March 2015
    (AESOP, 2015-03-12)
    AGENDA 9:00-9:15 Registration and coffee 9:15-11:15 Welcome address by Francesco Lo Piccolo President's Statement by Francesco Lo Piccolo Secretary's General Report by Izabela Mironowicz including ratification of the new AESOP member: Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon Selection of the host of the AESOP Congress 2017 and PhD Workshop 2016 Rapporteur: Gerhard Schimak Bid 1: University of Glasgow Presented by Amin Kamete Bid 2: University of Gothenburg (in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Blekinge Institute of Technology) Presented by Krister Olsson and Bosse Lagerqvist Bid 3: University of Lisbon (IGOT, IST and FA) Presented by Sofia Morgado, José Antunes Ferreira and José Manuel Simões Bid for AESOP PhD Workshop 2016 available in the Files Repository: University of Leuven Presented by Jan Schreurs Bids for AESOP Congress 2017 are available in the Files Repository. 11:15-11:30 Coffee break 11:30-13:15 GPEAN Report by Ela Bablik-Sutcliffe Young Academics Report by Lauren Ugur AESOP Projects Reports including: Quality Recognition for the European Dimension in Planning Programmes Project Rapporteur: Francesco Lo Piccolo In Planning Digital Platform Rapporteur: Gert de Roo European Urban Summer School (EUSS), AESOP Identity Project, Brussels European Liaison Office (BELO) & EU Projects Rapporteur: Izabela Mironowicz Treasurer’s Report and Budget 2015 (including Project Budgets) Rapporteur Thomas Matta Presentation of the 2015 AESOP Congress in Prague and PhD Workshop in Stara Lesna Rapporteurs: Karel Maier and Maroš Finka AOB Conclusions and closing by Francesco Lo Piccolo This item contanis the following documents: aesop-assets-2014-23-02-2015.pdf aesop-budget-2015-27-02-2015.pdf aesop-financial-audit-2014-23-02-2015.pdf aesop-financial-statement-2014-23-02-2015.pdf aesop-green-policy-21-02-2015.doc aesop-online-journal-concept-note-21-02-2015.doc aesop-s-inplanning-04-03-2015.doc aesop-treasurers-report-2014-27-02-2015.pdf applications-for-aesop-project-budgets-23-02-2015.xls bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-glasgow-1-of-2-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-glasgow-2-of-2-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-gothenburg-1-of-4-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-gothenburg-2-of-4-13-02-2015.jpg bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-gothenburg-3-of-4-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-gothenburg-4-of-4-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-congress-2017-lisbon-1-of-1-13-02-2015.pdf bid-for-aesop-phd-workshop-2016-ku-leuven-09-03-2015.pdf corep-meeting-12-03-2015-in-madrid-agenda-27-02-2015.pdf corep-presentation-12-03-2015-26-04-2015.doc council-of-representatives-meeting-07-07-2014-in-utrecht-minutes-08-10-2014.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting Utrecht, 9 July 2014
    (AESOP, 2014-07-09)
    AGENDA 09:00 Welcome address by Gert de Roo 09:05 President's Statement by Gert de Roo: AESOP at a crossroad 09.20 Secretary's General Report by Izabela Mironowicz including • Introduction to the National Representatives powers and duties • Presentation of the National Representatives 2014-2016 • Presentation of the membership issues • Ratification of the new AESOP members: Niirtingen-Geislingen University Faculty for Landscape Architecture, Environmental and Urban Planning, GERMANY (Full Membership) University of Gothenburg Department of Conservation, SWEDEN, (Associate Membership) International University of Catalonia Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, SPAIN (Associate member) Information about AESOP events 2014 and 2015 including European Urban Summer School 2014 (University Francois Rabelais in Tours, 1-8 September) and AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series Forthcoming calls for AESOP positions and events Presentation of the AESOP Awards and information about application process 2014 • Ratification and dissolving AESOP Thematic Groups • Ratification AESOP Official in EU Projects • Presentation of enhanced AESOP identity guidelines • Presentation of improved AESOP website • Information about General Assembly 2014 10.00 CoRep DISCUSSION: InPlanning digital network including • Country strategies • Planex —Young Acedemics Open Access Journal (by Lauren Ugur) • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Moderator: Gert de Roo 10:45 Ratification of the suspension of the members Rapporteur: Thomas Matta 11:00 AESOP Quality Recognition for the European Dimension in Planning Programmes Project Rapporteur: Francesco Lo Piccolo 11:15 Selection of the host of the Heads of Schools Meeting 2015 • Madrid University of Technology presented by Jose Miguel Fernandez Gfiell • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presented by Elisavet Thoidou • Voting Moderator: Gerhard Schimak 12:00 Elections of the AESOP Secretary General 2015-2019 • Presentation of the candidate • Question and answers to the candidate • Voting Moderator: Izabela Mironowicz 12:30 CoRep DISCUSSION: AESOP at the Habitat Ill Meeting 2016 Moderator: Gerhard Schimak and Ela Bablik-Sutcliffe 13:00 Presentation of the 2015 AESOP Congress in Prague and PhD Workshop in Bratislava Rapporteur: Karel Maier, Mara Finka, Gehard Schimak 13:20 AOB 13:30 Conclusions and closing by Gert de Roo This item contains the following documents: aesop-charter-17-06-2014.pdf aesop-council-of-representatives-meeting-09-07-2014-agenda-17-06-2014.pdf application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-cv-1-17-06-2014.pdf application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-declaration-3-17-06-2014.jpg application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-letter-2-17-06-2014.pdf corep-brochure-17-06-2014.pdf corep-meeting-07-03-2014-lisbon-minutes-draft-06-04-2014.pdf corep-meeting-07-03-2014-lisbon-minutes-final-version-10-11-2014.pdf habitat-iii-new-urban-agenda-27-06-2014.doc inplanning-institutional-framework-06-07-2014.doc inplanning-mooc-06-07-2014.doc quality-recognition-of-planning-courses-application-form-17-06-2014.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting in Dublin 15 July 2013
    (AESOP, 2013-07-15)
    AGENDA Wrocław 24.06.2013 AESOP COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES MEETING MONDAY, 15TH JULY 2013 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN HEALTH SCIENCES BUILDING ROOM A 003 Welcome address by President Gert de Roo and President Statement SG Report by Izabela Mironowicz According to the Article 23c of AESOP Charter: After two years of the mandatory period the Secretary General shall be evaluated by the Council. DISCUSSION: Making sense together, how to enhance AESOP’s democratic network and representing body, the CoRep. 'Highlights of the analysis of the CoRep questionnaire' Moderator: Gert de Roo Summary of the President's Questionnaire is available from the File Repository on AESOP website. ELECTIONS: Treasurer: presentation of the candidate, Thomas Matta, and election Statement of motivation and CV are available form File Repository on AESOP website President: presentation of the candidate, Francesco Lo Piccolo, and election Statement of motivation and CV are available form File Repository on AESOP website Presentation of AESOP new Projects: AESOP as Publisher and Digital Platform (Gert de Roo, Izabela Mironowicz) Sense of History (Gert de Roo, Hans Mastop) AOB Conclusions by Gert de Roo
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    CoRep online voting on chairs of the award committees and EUSS 2013 2014, 12 February 2013
    (AESOP, 2013-02-12)
    This is the material for the online voting on chairs of the award committees and EUSS 2013 2014, 12 February 2013 Karina Pallagst Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Karina M. Pallagst Lourenço Marques, Mozambique Lia T. Vasconcelos 4th European Urban Summer School (EUSS) 2013 Application form by the Urban and Regional Planning department of the École Polytechnique de l'Université de Tours – EPU-DA
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    CoRep Meeting in Gdańsk, 12 April 2013
    (AESOP, 2013-04-12)
    AGENDA 03.04.2013 Welcome address by Gert de Roo and President’s Statement Introduction to AESOP issues: Izabela Mironowicz Requests from CoRep how to improve communication process DEBATE: Making Sense Together – How to Shape AESOP’s Future What topics are important to be discussed for AESOP future? DEBATE: AESOP beyond Europe – Future of AESOP Global Cooperation Introduction by Andrea Frank Presentation of AESOP Congress 2014: Luuk Boelens, Chair of LOC in Utrecht Discussion, suggestions, ideas AESOP YA Report: Verena Peer Discussion on the AESOP and Young Academics Network future cooperation. CoRep Ratifications: New Members (IM) Presentation of the new Officials and forthcoming events (IM) Treasurer Report: Thomas Matta CoRep approval of the AESOP budget 2013 Files are available from the Files Repository AESOP Congress 2015: presentation(s) of the bids and voting Two bids (Prague, Lisbon) are available from the Files Repository AESOP GPEAN Representative: presentation of the candidates and election Two applications are available from the Files Repository SG Report form the Office and re-evaluation (IM) AOB Conclusions EVENING: AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting WELCOME RECEPTION Gdansk Town Hall (Ratusz Glownego Miasta Gdanska) 46 Dluga Street, 80–831 Gdansk Wety Hall (Sala Wety) 1a-aesop-congress-2015-bid-prague-1from2-04-04-2013.doc 1b-aesop-congress-2015-bid-prague-2from2-04-04-2013.doc 2-aesop-congress-2015-bid-lisbon-04-04-2013.pdf 3a-aesop-gpean-rep-application-ebs-1from2-04-04-2013.pdf 3a-aesop-gpean-rep-application-ebs-1from2-04-04-2013 (1).pdf 3b-aesop-gpean-rep-application-ebs-2from2-04-04-2013.pdf 4-aesop-gpean-rep-application-ps-04-04-2013.pdf aesop-budget-2013-19-04-2013.pdf aesop-council-of-representatives-meeting-12-04-2013-agenda-04-04-2013.pdf aesop-financial-statement-2012-19-04-2013.pdf aesop-treasurer-report-2013-19-04-2013.pdf
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    CoRep Meeting in Ankara, 10 July 2012
    (AESOP, 2012-07-10)
    Welcome (KLN) Information about the Association and its procedures for the new CoRep members (IM) President's Report (KLN) Secretary's General Report (IM) Treasurer's Matters (ThM) Quality Policy: AESOP Experts Pool (MF) GPEAN Information (AF) Young Academics Network Report (ARNP) Presentation of the next Congresses: 2013 AESOP-ACSP Joint Congress University College Dublin 2014 AESOP Congress, University of Utrecht, University of Delft Presentation of the AESOP Events 2012-2013 (IM) Brief introduction for the new CoRep members about AESOP website (IM/GC) Report from closed office: Officer for TG and Eastern Schools (BB) Upcoming calls (IM) Requests from the Representatives (Moderated by KIN) Discussion (moderated by KLN) Conclusions (KIN) 2012 AESOP Silver Jubilee Congress Welcome Reception
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    CoRep ONLINE VOTING Expert Pool members and EUSS 2012 - Monday, 13 February 2012
    (AESOP, 2012-02-13)
    EUROPEAN URBAN SUMMER SCHOOL 2012 DECADE OF PLANNING 2011-2020 EVENT AESOP — ECTP-CEU — IFHP — ISOCARP In 2010, AESOP launched a new annual event: the European Urban Summer School (FUSS) for young professionals. AESOP wanted to bring together young professionals and experienced academics and practitioners from across Europe to discuss planning issues. AESOP expected that it would facilitate trans-European understanding of planning matters and, as a consequence, will help to improve the quality of life. These aims correspond with AESOP objectives, enumerated in AESOP Charter. The organisation wished to involve both EU and non-EU countries into the project, knowing that AESOP has no geographical limits of membership. AESOP has offered its teaching resources at European Urban Summer Schools. This idea was to facilitate trans-European exchange and to foster a debate on the most important planning topics. It was supposed to promote all involved actors as bodies being able to help politicians and other stakeholders in spatial development and management issues. This concept didn't involve economic profit. The European Urban Summer School should be a platform of debate and exchange and should be run on as low as possible fees for participants. Tutors do not get any gratification for their work. AESOP decided to invite European partners from planning organizations to cooperate in this project. In 2012, the following organisations have joined the EUSS: European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU), International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), International Society for City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). The event is one of the first projects within the framework of Decade of Planning 2011-2020. More about the Decade of Planning and the EUSS 2010 and 2011 can be found on the AESOP webpage. Call for hosting EUSS 2012 The call was published on the AESOP webpage according to the rules accepted by the Council of Representatives in 2010 in Istanbul and precised in 2011 in Tirana. The deadline for the application was 18'" December 2011. The AESOP Secretariat General has received one application. The school applying for hosting the event is a full AESOP Member: University of Westminster, London, UK The application meets the criteria defined in the call. Please find the attached application. The AESOP SG would appreciate your approval of the application. 1 Giovanni Caudo University Roma Tre, Urban Studies Department 2 Giorgio Piccinato University Roma Tre, Urban Studies Department 3 Enrico Gualini TU Berlin, Department of Urban and Regional Planning 4 Piotr Lorens Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning 5 Luigi Mazza Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Planning 6 Umberto Janin Rivolin Politecnico di Torino, DITER 7 Silvia Saccomani Politecnico di Torino, DITER 8 Agata Spaziante Politecnico di Torino, DITER 9 Andrew Thornley London School of Economics, Regional and Urban Planning Studies 10 Declan Redmond University College Dublin, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy 11 Catherine Ross Georgia Tech, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development 12 Bruce Stiftel Georgia Tech, School of City and Regional Planning 13 Dejan Djordjevic Institute for Spatial Planning, Faculty of Geography 14 Chris Couch University of Liverpool, Department of Civic Design 15 Jean-Michel ROUX Institut d'Urbanisme de Grenoble 17 Oana Luca Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Department Urban Engineering and Regional Development 18 Florian Gaman Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Department Urban Engineering and Regional Development 19 Andrew Flynn Cardiff Univeristy, School of City and Regional Planning 20 Andrea Frank Cardiff Univeristy, School of City and Regional Planning 21 Georgia Butina Watson Oxford Brooks, Planning Department 22 Alan Reeve Oxford Brooks, Planning Department 23 Rachelle Alterman Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning 24 Artur Rosa Pires University of Aveiro, Planning School 25 Barbara Pizzo La Sapienza University of Rome, School of Planning 26 Zaynep Enlil Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture 31 Laurence Carmichael (EURA) University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 32 Gabriel Pascariu (ISOCARP) University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", Urban and Territorial Planning Chair
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    Council of Representatives Meeting in Oslo, 5 May 2012
    (AESOP, 2012-05-05)
    Welcome (KLN) General Policy of the Association: President's Statement (KLN) Secretary General’s Report (IM) Treasurer's Report (ThM) Experts Pool and Quality Policy Information (GdR/MF) GPEAN Information (AF) Final report about completing the AESOP webpage (GC) Young Academics Network Report and AESOP policy towards YA (VP/GdR) New AESOP Charter: presentation, debate and voting (KLN, GdR, IM) Presentation of the applicants of the 2014 AESOP Annual Congress: TU Dortmund (Thorsten Wiechmann) University of Utrecht-University of Delft (Luuk Boelens) Presentation of the hosts of the AESOP forthcoming events: 2012 AESOP Silver Jubilee Congress — Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe) Heads of Schools 2013 — Gdansk University of Technology (Piotr Lorens) 2014 AESOP-ACSP Congress — University College Dublin (Zorica Nedovic-Budic) Ratification of the new AESOP Event Officer (IM) Information about external policy of the Association (KLN, IM) Ratification of MoUs (KLN, IM) Information about the procedure of the election of the new Council (IM) Requests from the Representatives (KLN, National Representatives) Conclusions (KLN)
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    AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting 3 July 2011, Perth
    (AESOP, 2011-07-03)
    AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting 3 July 2011, Perth AGENDA Welcome President Kristina L. Nilsson AESOP Objectives 2012-2017 Kristina L. Nilsson Secretary General Report Izabela Mironowicz Quality policy and AESOP Expert Pool Wilem Salet Elections of the new AESOP President (2012-2014) Candidate's profile available in the file repository New AESOP New Charter: concept, framework, schedule Izabela Mironowicz AESOP 25 Anniversary celebration (2012) Izabela Mironowicz & Giancarlo Cotella Reports from the Prizes' Committees Elisabete A. Silva, Andrea Frank Reports from Thematic Groups Beata Banachowicz Young Academics Report Antonio Raciti Forthcoming events: Pantelis Skayannis 7th Head of Schools Meeting 2012, 4-5 May, Oslo 3 May 2012 Council of Representatives 4-5 May 2012 Heads of Schools Meeting Host: Norwegian University of Life Sciences 26th AESOP (Anniversary) Congress 2012, 11-15 July, Anakra 10 July 2012 Council of Representatives 11-15 May 2012 AESOP Congress Host: Middle East Technical University (METU) 2nd AESOP European Urban Summer School 2011, 24 September-1 October, Lisbon Calls and info on the webpage Host: LusOfona University List of documents: aesop-greening-policy-for-the-2012-congress-01-01-2015.pdf aesop-objectives-2012-2015-01-01-2015.pdf aesop-silver-jubilee-celebration-01-01-2015.pdf AGENDA.docx application-for-aesop-president-2012-2014-23-06-2011.pdf congress-2012-update-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-3-july-2011-in-perth-minutes-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-3-july-2011-in-perth-resolutions-01-01-2015.pdf council-of-representatives-meeting-3-july-2011-perth-australia-23-06-2011.pdf expert-pool-financial-framework-01-01-2015.pdf expert-pool-nominations-01-01-2015.pdf
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    Council of Representatives Meeting, Tirana, 6th May 2011
    (AESOP, 2011-05-06)
    Council of Representatives Meeting, Tirana, 6th May 2011 AGENDA: General Policy of the Association: Welcome (Kristina L. Nilsson, President) General Policy of the Association (Kristina L. Nilsson) Quality Policy Report (Wilem Salet, Senior President, Maros Finka, Quality Offcer) GPEAN Report (Andrea Frank, GPEAN Representative) Organisation and Prizes: Secretary General Report (Anna Geppert, Izabela Mironowicz; SGs) Presentation of AESOP financial statement 2010 and budget 2011 (Thomas Matta, Treasurer); approval of the budget Excellence in Teaching Prize (Francesco Lo Piccolo, Chair of the Prize Committee) Best Published Paper Prize (Elisabete A. Silva, Chair of the Prize Committee) Best Congress Paper Prize (Karel Maier, Chair of the Prize Committee) Report from thematic groups (Beata Banachowicz, Thematic Group Officer) Upcoming vacancies (Kristina L. Nilsson, Anna Geppert) Forthcoming AESOP Events, Publications and External Cooperation: Congresses: WPSC Perth 2011 (Pantelis Skayannins, Event Officer); Ankara 2012 (Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe, Middle East Technical University, Ankara); calls for Joint AESOP-ACSP Congress 2013; and AESOP Congress 2014; Heads of Schools: Oslo 2012 (Elin Børrud, Berit Nordahl, Norvegian University of Life Sciences); Hamburg 2013 (Joerg Knieling, HafenCity University Hamburg); call for Heads of Schools Meeting 2014 AESOP Publications: Planning Education, Yearbook, Newsletter (Anna Geppert) Journals: disP (Izabela Mironowicz), EPS (Kristina L. Nilsson) Young Academics Report (Antonio Raciti, YA Representatives) Cooperation with planning organisations (Kristina L. Nilsson, Izabela Mironowicz): ECTP, ISOCARP, UN-Habitat, IFHP. New AESOP Charter Presentation of the New AESOP Charter (Kristina L. Nilsson, Anna Geppert, Izabela Mironowicz) Debate on New Charter and voting Changes in AESOP: Launching new AESOP website (Giancarlo Cotella, Communication Officer) Secretary General (Anna Geppert) Suggestions from the representatives, conclusions (Kristina L. Nilsson) The item contains the following documents (list): assesment-of-the-aesop-charter-20-04-2011.pdf corep-meeting-6-may-2011-in-tirana-minutes-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-6-may-2011-in-tirana-resolutions-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-tirana-6-may-2011-agenda-20-04-2011.pdf new-aesop-charter-09-03-2011.pdf CoRep ONLINE VOTING on joint AESOP-ACSP Congress in 2013 - Wednesday, 2 November 2011 set of documents